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Logging Beast, LLC is dedicated to providing the most beautiful old growth deadhead sinker lumber
to our clients. All of our logs are recovered from the deep river bottoms of Northwest Florida
where they sank in the late 1800's and early 1900's.

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Logging Beast Services

Our team at Logging Beast, LLC is dedicated to providing the most beautiful old-growth lumber products to our clients.
We specialize in the reclamation and custom milling of historic River Recovered Deadhead/ Sinker Logs. Our Sinker Cypress logs are recovered by our highly experienced and State certified Deadhead logging crews from the rivers of Northwest Florida where they sank over a century ago.

Our Old-Growth Bald Cypress has an extremely tight grain, 50+ rings per inch, and is naturally insect and rot resistant, making it an ideal wood choice for both interior and exterior applications.

Our Sinker Cypress comes in a variety of color hues that are the result of the many years these logs have been in an anaerobic underwater environment.

We stock standard 1” X 6”, 8”, 10” and 12” wide boards at various lengths or we can mill to any size order either clean edge boards, live natural edge planks, or tongue in groove finished product. We stock Old Growth Pecky Cypress in various length and width boards. Table top rounds, mantle pieces, beams, and a variety of slabs, stumps, and artwork are also available.

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